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HCG Diet

Human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, is a hormone produced during pregnancy that suppresses the mothers appetite and regulates her from over-eating. The hormone also enhances the body’s fat-burning ability and increases the body’s metabolism.

Used in conjunction with a healthy diet, HCG has been shown to be the best diet for quick weight loss.

When ingested, HGC signals your body and tells you that you are full. This changes your metabolism. When combined with a low calorie diet, it forces your body to utilize the stored nutrients – turning your fat into fuel. Your body is essentially “fooled” into thinking that you are pregnant and the physiologic change is what works to convert the deposits of fat in your body to nutrients. When these fat stores are being utilized, the weight loss is quick and easy. It is not uncommon to lose one to two pounds a day on the HCG Diet.

Simply eating a low calorie diet on its own, healthy as it may be, doesn’t always result in  noticeable and fast weight loss. But when combined with the HCG hormone, the difficult to lose areas of fat start to melt away.

Here’s why; there are 3 different types of fat in the body – “structural fat” is found between the skin and organs and is necessary as a protective layer, “normal reserve fat” is the layer that supplies the body with energy and “abnormal fat” that forms as extra fat in hips, waist, thighs and buttocks. This third “abnormal fat” is the only fat consumed by HCG.

The HCG Diet consists of 3 different phases:

First Phase

The first phase consists of building up your fat reserves by eating as much as you like for two days while beginning the treatment of HCG drops. The reason for Phase 1 is to get the HCG circulating in the body before the regiment begins. After two days, the brain will have had time to know start releasing fat.

Second Phase

The second phase entails eating a 500 calorie diet consisting of vegetables, fruits and two meals of 3.5 oz. of protein are followed while taking the HCG over a period of 23 to 40 days.

Third Phase

The third phase is the maintenance part of the weight loss diet. Eat as much as you want as long as starches and sugar are eliminated.

As you enter the second phase of the HCG Diet, you will notice an average weight loss of 1-2 pounds per day. You continue for the amount of days that it takes to get to a desired weight. Going into Phase 3, continue on the 500 calorie diet for two days to allow the HCG to completely leave your system. No more treatments should then be needed.

Clinics and doctors have utilized the HCG Diet successfully for many years and it works safely for both men and women. Experts have also cited the idea that users of HCG weight loss products also lose significantly more body fat than do dieters that only rely on dieting.

With HCG treatments abnormal fat deposits disappear. Double chins, pot bellies, and fat around the thighs and buttocks are commonly the first to go. The treatments do not deplete the structural and other essential tissue that is needed in order to maintain a healthy look. The body regains and maintains a natural, fresh appearance throughout the program.