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Walmart Strikes Again, hCG Drops Made In China

Walmart, hCG Drops and China

sweatshoplaborAs a fluffy woman, I am always looking for the quickest and easiest way to loose weight. Dukan, Atkins, The Master Cleanse and buying hCG drops online. Not that I don’t love me just the way I am, but doc said it was time, I needed to loose weight for my health.

At that time, the pill that was the talk of the town, Phentermine. This stuff was prescription crack. Good lord I had the shakes and couldn’t sleep, this was not for me and I knew it immediately! So back to the doc, she suggested I try the master cleanse. Umm that didn’t last long, have you ever tried to tell a bear who has come out of hibernation not to eat for eight days, yea that was me. So onto the next. I researched at home and came across the Atkins diet. This was the one. All the meat I could ever want and no veggies! I was like a kid in the candy store. Of course they do not tell you that you need fiber for a specific reason. A week later, I tried using the restroom. I thought I was going to be like Elvis and die on the toilet from all the straining. Another diet bites the dust.

Back to the doctor. We discussed trying the hCG drops. She was saying how easily access-able they are now. “You can buy the over the counter at Walmart.” She was a bit concerned about how restrictive it is, only 500 calories a day. She told me to try it but to come in once a week and have my blood pressure checked.

So I went to Walmart and bought a couple bottles of hCG drops

From what I understood, the drops would stop you from being hungry as the diet is very strict. My doctor told me that it might take a couple of days to take effect, but it will work, so stick to it. I won’t mislead you the first couple of days were tough. I was not a nice person to be around, but I remembered my doc saying it will take a minute so be patient. Well a month into these drops and I am still feeling the hunger pains.

Walmart buys hCG drops from China

I started reading about the diet and read where Walmart was buying the drops from China at a very low cost and that the drops were mainly water. WATER?! WHAT?! are you kidding me?! No wonder I was hungry. Not only was I hungry I felt ripped off as well. I now buy all of my hCG drops online from a reputable company. I have lost the weight and what they say is true, the drops in their purest form will stop you from being hungry. I lost 30 pounds and have kept it off. I would like to loose 30 more and when I am ready, I will buy my hCG drops online!

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