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#1 HCG Drop Site In The World

Walgreens; Don’t buy hCG Drops there.

Do not, I repeat DO NOT buy your hCG drops from Walgreens, buy your hCG drops online and here’s why.

walgreens6When hCG first came out it was highly regulated. Only in a form of an injection and it could only be administered in a doctors office.

As history and greed always go, they found a way to make hCG into a drop form and sell them over the counter in places like Walgreens. As most items in these stores, they are suppose to be FDA approved and highly regulated. At least that is the pile of BS they shove into our systems to make us feel we are being taken care, protected maybe.

No hCG in the drops at Walgreens

But don’t be fooled. Most of the hCG drops being sold in places like Walgreens are bought from China. The hCG drops are not effective due to the fact that the hCG drops contain a very small amount of the key ingredient, hCG. This way they can sell it to the market at large, making all kinds of false claims, at a low cost. Deceiving the public at large to fill their pockets with our hard earned money.

As this diet has a very low caloric intake, 500 calories, it is essential that the hCG drops that you purchase are at the most effective level with the highest amount of hCG. Otherwise this diet WILL NOT work for you. You will get hungry and not be able to sustain the low amount of calories needed to loose your weight goal.

Buy hCG online

I have found that buying hCG online from a hCG site with the highest reputation. One that has social media, forums and support group which is so essential in the battle of the bulge. I have been fighting with my weight since I turned 40 and hCG drops have worked for me as long as I do not buy the over the counter, because at the end of the day, you get what you pay for.




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