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Trusted hCG Brands that I Can Buy Online

Trusted hcg brands that I can buy online.

oral hcg dropsWhile we encourage you to do your own research before you buy hCG online, we have looked at many different brands online and off. So far our two favorite hCG drops have been HCG EZ Drops and Easy hCG. After reviewing several reviews and a searching for adverse side effects these two brands came out on top, both in weight loss results they yielded and with the fewest reported side effects. In addition to reading hundreds of reviews we also field tested it with out own hCG dieter. Our two subjects started seeing weight loss the first week and continued losing. While one of our dieter has already reached her weight goal after 6 months (lost a total of 50 pounds!) our other subject is still dieting and hopes to lose a total of 70 pounds. Three months into the diet he is almost half way there. Both are on the HCG EZ Drops brand and we hope to get a subject on the Easy HCG brand soon. Oral diet drops are becoming more popular and we want to find the best product out there, so far these two brands have delivered on their weight loss promise. As we test more hCG diet plans, we will keep posting about them. In the meantime we would love to hear from you about your experience with different brands. Did you lose weight? Was it worth the cost and did they leave you feeling hungry? We especially want to know know if you experienced any side effects. While we can’t possibly test every hCG drops on the market we have concluded that for the best bang for your buck HCG EZ Drops and Easy hCG brands are right on the mark. Stay tuned for more updates on dieter number two and his weigh loss journey!

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