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Low Calorie Options to Common Foods

Low Calorie Diet Blues

caloriesSticking to a low calorie diet is difficult but yield fabulous results for weight loss. It basically boils down to the small decisions we make day to day. The first part of the battle is to know what foods to avoid and to keep an accurate calorie count. We all have our weak spot(s). Maybe you can’t live without sweets? Or maybe you pizza is your achilles heel? No matter what guilty little treats you sneak into your diet, there is no hiding from calories.

That doesn’t mean you have to trade good health for good eating. Simple cutting down your portion of daily meals and cutting the nonessential calories sill yield results. Here are a few suggestion for foods that you can swap out for lower calorie alternatives.

For breakfast skip that bagel and have a whole wheat English muffin instead. A half of bagel has nearly double the calories of and entire wheat english miffing! you can save 55 calories if you get rid of the yolk from your eggs.

For lunch, substitute leaner meats like turkey or fish for the high calorie red meats. When that sweet tooth strikes, eat fruit instead! If you must eat sweets, snacks like angel food and gingerbread our lower in calorie. Snack food should be replaced with fruits and vegetable throughout the day.

Again the key to success is reading the nutritional labels and knowing the calorie count. Also pay close attention to the serving size, this will help you reduce your portion sizes.

The fact is, you can’t lose weight without switching to a lower calorie diet. Make little changes at first and make the right choices. The small day to day battles will win you the war and help you on your way to a healthier and slimmer lifestyle!

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