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hCG Drops; Online vs CVS

hCG Drops; Online vs CVS

cvspharmacyThe hCG diet has been a roller coaster for me not because it doesn’t work but because I am always looking to save money. At that time, you could not buy hCG online.

When I started out on this diet, the only way it could be taken was through the injections in a doctors office and it was VERY costly. At the end of the diet (6 weeks) the cost was over $2000. I lost weight, allot of it! So it was worth the money. No buyers remorse here. Fast forward a few years and I found out I was pregnant. I was elated. But I gained so much weight. The baby was 11 pounds, happy and healthy! Now, all that money I spent to loose the weight on hCG has been all for not, as I gained it all back and plus some while I was pregnant.

When I bought hCG at CVS

The way hCG was being consumed now was very different than when I first started the diet. Not only do you not have to inject it any more, it is not as expensive as it was before and no more doctors visits, it can be done in the comfort of my own home. I can now get drops at my local CVS for about $30. So I went to CVS and bought enough drops to last the whole six week period, three bottles, a little more than I needed, but why not it is only $90 vs the $2000 that I spent the first time.

So I did the gorging that is recommended in the beginning and then started the diet.

I was REALLY hungry in the first week. I thought, that’s strange, I didn’t feel like that the first time. On the shots, I did not feel hungry at all, everyday I felt the hunger less and less. I told myself, don’t give up. Your appetite has grown since your pregnancy and that is probably why it will take a little longer to work this time.

I am now at a little over a month and I felt week and still extremely hungry. Now I am starting to think, there must be something wrong with the drops. Maybe they are expired. Looked at the bottle, nope they were not. Maybe I was taking the wrong dosage, again I looked, nope I was taking the correct dosage.  Then I thought maybe the drops were just not a strong as the injections. I researched and no, all the claims state they are just as strong.

Then I found out the reason…

Buy hCG online

CVS was selling hCG drops that were not from an FDA approved facility. Needless to say, I bought my hCG drops online and not only did they work, but I lost all of my baby fat and have kept it off for one year now.




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