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French engineer Jacques Lepine and his team at HAPILABS unveiled a quirky new fork last week. Calling it the HAPIfork, the dining utensil has a special capacitive sensor in its handle. HAPIfork forces you to eat at a certain pace; if you eat too fast, the fork will vibrate and an LED on the handle will flash. Studies have shown that eating too fast can lead to over-eating, digestive problems, and GERD.

The hitech fork could make a great tool while you are on the hCG diet, alerting you to eating behaviors that you maybe weren’t even aware of.

In addition to alerting you when you’re eating too fast the fork records all sorts of information about your eating behaviors, which can be uploaded via USB to HAPILAB’s online dashboard where you can track your eating habits.

Check out the video here!

Note that instead of actually putting the fork in his mouth, the rep touches is on his hand, which accomplishes the same thing by closing a bioelectrical loop between the electrodes in the fork. It’s also hard to tell in the video, but trust us, the HAPIfork did indeed vibrate and light up!

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