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A health insurer in South Dakota has turned to social media to help people lose weight. The website and Facebook page is called “Be Well South Dakota,” and is a creation of Dakotacare who is encouraging people to sign up and pledge to lose weight. The site hopes to lose a collective 2013 pounds in the first 12 weeks of the year.

“We know over half of individuals make some sort of weight loss their New Year’s resolution. Only 10 percent achieve their goal,” said Trisha Dohn, health and wellness director for Dakotacare in Sioux Falls.

Dieters can sign up enter some data about themselves and their weight loss goals. Participants receive news, tips and stories about health and weight loss while sharing their person stories. Anyone who has ever been on a diet knows how much easier it is to diet with a partner. Have a support group there to listen and advice is a great way to help you along on the hCG diet. Having people who are going throughout the same struggles can also help hold you accountable at sticking to your diet.

“Some try to do it on their own, but you’re more likely to achieve a goal if there’s accountability,” said Dohn.

The goal of 2013 pounds is to commemorate the new year but is by no means a stoping point as they encourage people to lose more. All insurers should take an active role in helping people lose weight. Excess weight is a predictor of disease from arthritis to cancer to diabetes and heart disease. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, 28 percent of South Dakotans are obese, based on self-reporting in surveys. This is pretty much the same everywhere in the nation. We applaud the efforts of Dakotacare and hope this catches on. Social media is proving to be a powerful medium for compelling people towards positive change.

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