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The hCG hormone is produced in women during pregnancy to regulate over eating and to increase the mother’s metabolism. Through the miracle of science, hCG drops can be used in both men and women to help lose weight fast. This is especially good news for new mothers wanting to lose their baby bumps after their child is born. Aside from going on the hCG diet new mothers can try these exercise tips for getting back to their target weight.

Keep in mind that your abdominals have been through quite a lot. They stretched by about 60cm, and your uterus grew from the size of a plum to the size of a watermelon. The main stomach muscles become separated down the middle by as much as four finger widths.

Even if you’ve lost all the weight you gained during pregnancy, you’ll probably still have left over flesh where your bump was. However, your stomach muscles are very responsive. This means that if you perform the correct exercises slowly, employing control and good technique, will make a huge difference! Combined with the hCG diet you will see the pounds melt away!

Below are few exercises from Life Begins With Baby World that can help new mothers lose that left over baby bump.

- Abdominal compressions are the most important exercise to do since it shortens and strengthens the transverse muscles which stabilise the spine and flattens your abs – which will enable you to get into your pre-pregnancy jeans quicker!

This is a very simple movement that builds abdominal strength while flattening your tummy and helping good posture. Like pelvic floor exercises, this can be done anywhere, anytime, so get going! Start off by standing up and pulling in your tummy – imagine you’re trying to stick your navel to your spine. Hold for five seconds (do not hold your breath), keeping the rest of your body relaxed. Repeat this four times. Increase the time you hold the compression to 10 seconds.

Doing these compressions every day will help to strengthen the stomach muscles and get them used to being worked. Once you have learned them, these compressions will prove invaluable. Do them on a regular basis and their effects will last your entire lifetime.

- Pelvic Tilt
This action also involves the muscles that aid good posture, standing correctly helps you look slimmer! A pelvic tilt will keep stress away from the spine by activating the abdominals

1. Stand with feet hip width apart and slightly bent knees and curl the pelvis forward – imagine pulling the lower abdomen upwards and pushing your tail bone down towards the floor.

2. Start by holding this position for ten seconds, you will find that your muscles get used to this position very quickly and you will be able to hold for a minute or more several times a day. This is the safest position for lifting, carrying, pushing a pushchair or standing for any length of time.

After the six-week check: For your abdominals to have visible definition, you need trained muscles and low body fat, while achieving a flatter stomach requires building stamina in the transverse muscle – the one that helps you pull your stomach in!

-The Plank

This yoga exercise targets your trunk muscles to increase in strength and stamina – all postural stabilisers. It is demanding movement that requires patience and skill.

1. Lie face down on the floor. Lean on your forearms and look down.
Compress the abs and relax the buttocks
2. Lift your stomach and hips off the
floor and hold. Lengthen the neck and spine and aim to make a straight line from shoulder to knee. There should be no movement apart from your breathing.
Aim to hold for 10-seconds.

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