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Andrés Vazquez-Prada Lost 130 on the hCG Diet

The creative director of W17, lost 130 lbs on the hCG diet in only six months.

The 37 year old looks great and even looks younger with his ne figure. After trying the Atkins and South Beach diets Andres says the hCG meal plan transformed his eating behavior.

“My palate has changed completely,” said Vazquez-Prada. He stopped eating fast-food burgers and started eating apples, lean meat and grilled vegetables instead. He eats in smaller portions compared to the multiple helpings in the past.

“Before you start the program, you pig out for the first two days,” said Vazquez-Prada. His doctor gave him hCG pills. Vazquez-Prada’s program consisted of a 45-day cycle followed by a two-week break of “normal eating” to inhibit hCG immunity. He resumed the process for a shorter cycle of 21 days.

To avoid getting board with meals his doctor provided him with a cookbook. The diet consisted of a piece of fruit for breakfast; 100 g of meat or fish, and 100 g of vegetables for lunch and dinner. It included meats such as chicken breasts, vegetables such as cucumber, celery and lettuces, and white fish that were particular to the hCG diet.

When Vazquez-Prada started he weighed over 300 lbs in 2011. Dieters may be relieved to know Vazquez-Prada admits to cheating when he drank alcohol. “It set me back by six days. It wasn’t worth it.”

While most people would think that a low-calorie diet is a deprivation, Vazquez-Prada enjoys discovering new recipes and novel ways to prepare food.


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