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Sometimes the hard part of dieting is that the results are often undetectable at first. Losing weight is a process and the benefits aren’t always visible to the dieter. Even with the fast weight loss of the hCG diet, it can sometimes feel like your hard work is going nowhere. That is when the dieter becomes vulnerable to falling off the wagon. Sticking to the low calorie hCG meal plan while taking the hCG drops will dramatically get you the weight loss you want – but you must stick to the diet even when you feel like you are in an unwinnable battle. Often times you are losing weight but years of telling yourself that you are fat has conditioned your mind into believing it. Like the ancient Greek myth of sisyphus pushing the giant stone up a hill forever, sometimes dieting can feel like a never ending battle. But rest assured, your struggle is not in vein! Although you may not see the results daily, by sticking to the low calorie meal plan and taking your hCG drops you can lose up to a pound a day! You may start to notice the results of the hCG diet only when people start to ask if you’ve lost weight.

Losing weight and stopping the over-eating is only part of your journey. Your psychological conditioning or low self esteem are also obstacles that must be reconciled. StartĀ  thinking like a skinny person. Start acting like a skinny person. Soon you will be a skinny person. The benefits will far out weigh the struggle in the end. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the life changing weight loss of these folks featured in Mashable. While you are watching keep in mind that we all have to start somewhere and the most rewarding journeys start with one simple step. So when you are feeling vulnerable or when you have a bad day and end up falling of the wagon, just think of these folks and remember neverĀ  to give in!!


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