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The resolutions have been made and holiday feasts are over. Now the hard part on your weight loss journey begins – sticking to your diet. A recent article in the Huffington Post featured some success stories of individuals and their tricks for losing weight and keeping it off. The hCG diet gives you an edge and jump starts your weight loss but keeping the pounds at bay, requires a continued commitment from you.

“It’s a promise to yourself and you just have to decide that you are worthy of keeping that promise because you don’t want to let yourself down,” said Ken Carlyle – who decided to resolve to lose weight in 2009 after seeing photos of himself and being “bothered” enough to change.

Or perhaps you can take the advice of Stacy Langston who said ” “Just keep moving forward. If you fall off the wagon, don’t beat yourself up, just keep going. Also, keep a shirt or pants that you no longer can wear that is too large. It will remind you of all your hard work to get out of that outfit, and that you don’t want to go back to wearing it!”

Whether you have resolved to lose a little or a lot. Switching to a healthier life style will feel great! Don’t fall into the trap of immediate gratification. The old saying “keep your eye on the prize,” is right – that cheese burger may taste good now but don’t let it make you lose sight of your long term goal. Living a longer and healthier life is far more rewarding than the joy a slice of pizza or french fries will bring you.

The first phases of the hCG diet are challenging but if you remain disciplined and steadfast the ends will most definitely justify the means. So remember the war is won by winning the battles. Make this year, 2013, the year you finally get to your target weight. Congratulations and be strong.

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