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The hCG Diet was developed by endocrinologist Dr. Simeons. He wanted to help overweight individuals facing life-threatening illnesses due to obesity, or carrying ‘abnormal’ body fat.

Abnormal body fat is what causes obesity and it’s different from the fat used to store energy. There are three types of body fat that may be found in an individual – structural body fat, normal body fat and abnormal body fat.
Structural body fat acts as a cushion to the body and provides protection to the vital internal organs; it also acts as a storage place for energy. Individuals, even who are not overweight, still carry approximately 15 percent body fat, give or take, for survival.

In terms of normal body fat, healthy ranges have been developed to determine the appropriate level. This can differ depending upon gender, age and activity level as well as BMI (body mass index). Normal body fat acts as a free fuel to the body and storing appropriate/normal levels of body fat is crucial for survival and health; and helps support longevity.
Approximate ranges of normal body fat

For women, age 40 and under, who are not involved in sports or rigorous activity, the normal body fat range is 20-35 percent of overall weight. For women over 40, 25-38 percent; active women, age 40 and under, 16-28 percent; active women over 40 years of age, 20-33 percent.
In men 40 and under, the average range is 8-22 percent; over 40 the range is 10-25 percent. Active men age 40 and under, the range is 5-15 percent; over 40 between 7 and 18 percent.
Abnormal body fat is what leads to obesity. An individual is considered obese if body fat levels rise to over 30 percent, approximately. Again, this number may be lower or higher depending on gender, age, activity level and body mass index (BMI). Obesity is associated with a number of diseases and illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, numerous cancers, hernias, liver malfunction, hypertension, sleep apnea, gall bladder disease, respiratory problems, and an endless array more. In controversial studies, obese individuals have a higher death rate than those of smoking individuals.
Taking all of the above into consideration, reversing the problem of abnormal body fat is critical to all phases of health, nutrition and longevity. The hCG diet  pan can be viewed as an extraordinary solution to obesity reversal and if followed as strictly outlined in Dr. Simeons manuscript, ‘Pounds and Inches,’ many of the problems may be eliminated entirely.
Reducing body fat to a normal level and maintenance of normal levels of body fat is thoroughly explained in the Protocol. After supplementation of the hCG hormone, one must be devoted to following a healthy eating regimen and choose daily activities to keep the body functioning effectively, as well as keep weight loss down. Patients and dieters should never go back to their old eating habits, as doing so will once again lead to weight gain and face surrendering, once again, to abnormal body fat.

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