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Greetings dieters! We just wanted to take a few minutes and wish you all a happy holiday. Whether you’re just starting on the hCG diet or you are well on your way to weight loss, we know the holidays can be a challenging time for dieters. Good news for those just starting PHASE 1 of the hCG diet, holidays are the perfect time for the loading phase. So to those lucky dieters in PHASE have fun “loading” this Christmas but remember to ready your self for a disciplined PHASE 2. And for those dieters that have already embarked on PHASE 2, we just want to remind you that there are plenty of delicious low calorie recipes on our site that will help keep hunger at bay. If you have been sticking to the hCG diet then you already have no doubt seen some pretty amazing weight loss results and that should be comfort enough to keep you warm and fuzzy for the holidays. In fact you may have to remind friends and family that your clothes size has changed, in case they plan on getting you gifts to wear. Aside from looking great, being skinny has numerous health advantages. In fact just about every health risk is some how associated with being over weight and by losing weight these risks are drastically reduced. So please keep this in mind when those vision of sugar plumbs start dancing in your heads. Once again we wish you a happy holiday and best of luck on changing your life and losing weight! STAY STRONG!




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