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If you commit to the hCG weight loss diet, eventually you will  be faced with the dilemma of needing new clothes to match your new figure. The prospect of buying new clothes is one that many people look forward to and can be a great way for you to adjust to your new weight loss reality. However, some people still have a hard time adjusting mentally to their fast weight loss and cling to old habits. No longer will you need the elastic waist bands and loose fitting, shape hiding apparel – but the temptation to hide your figure may still linger. Now that a physical transformation has occurred and you are literally in a new body, you mental image of yourself may need time to adjust to the new reality. Your mind (and shopping habits) may be stuck in your old ways. Some people, after quick weight loss, rush out and but a new wardrobe but before you go out and spend a lot of money on new outfits you might want to consider a few things.

1. Fast weight loss does not mean you should stop dressing age-appropriate! The temptation to dress in wild, provocative ways is great with many people after they lose weight. However, nothing negates your fabulous new look  like inappropriate attire. consider your profession and age when shopping for new clothes. That tight leopard mini skirt might be great for a 20-year-old but it may not be so flattering on a 45-year-old.

2. Flaunt it, don’t cover it. While you may be used to buying clothes to hide you figure, you now want to show you new slim look buy shopping for more form fitting attire. This could take some time to get used to so try different looks and new styles. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that clothes that previously were unflattering are now fabulous!

3. Ditch the black. Many over weight people use black to hide their weight. While black is a classic look, it’s time to experiment with colors! Mix and match colors that you you never thought of dressing in

4. Bring a friend. It always help to have a second oppinion so bring along a trusted friend to give you instant feedback.

The key to breaking out of old shopping habits is to keep in mind that you are not that over weight person you once were. Its time to mentally accept your new skinnier self and to experiment with new styles of dress while keeping in mind your age, profession and life-style. After all, isn’t this a great dilemma, happy shopping!

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