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Dieting with friends is a good way to have a support network while on the hCG diet, but what if you are unable to find friends to diet with? Well, MIT graduate Cory Kidd has come up with a solution.

With a PhD from the MIT Media Lab, Cory Kidd wanted to make a robot that could have a place and function in the home. One of the potential applications was a lifestyle coach – a robot that you would interact with daily as you try to lose weight. Kidd built the prototype, then recruited people for a study, and found that participants using the robot stuck to the weight loss program twice as long as those who used an identical program on a laptop

Beneath its perpetually smiling face, the robot is powered by six servo motors that control the head tilt, eyes, and eyelids. Inside one of the eyes is a camera, which the robot uses to recognize different members of the family. Users primarily interact with the robot through a touch screen which is mounted inside its stationary body. This displays daily questions for tracking your exercise and meal plan. Simple though it may be, once Autom has been set up in your home, it’s hard to ignore – people keep coming back to it, and thus stay on target with their weight loss plan.

Check out a video of the robot!

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