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Anti-aging scientists agree that there is one thing that slows the aging process in every case: Reduced calorie consumption. They don’t understand why cutting calories causes people to live longer, but even the most skeptical doctors admit that it does seem to have an impact. Studies in animals have proven that reducing calorie intake by as little as 8 percent and increasing exercise by a small margin slowed aging in mice significantly. Researchers believe that humans could experience the same results as well.

Eating Fewer Calories Extends Cell Life

The research is still new, but it seems to show that a reduction in calories causes the body’s cells to last longer. When there are more calories present, general cell deconstruction happens at a more rapid pace. This deconstruction naturally causes the body to age. However, when we put less of a caloric load on the cells, they last longer. Muscle cells also break down more slowly when there are fewer calories in the system. Even a moderate diet that cuts out 15 percent of daily intake could add up to 4 healthy years to a person’s life.

Dieting Reduces Health Risks

Losing weight is also good for your overall health in other ways. Carrying extra pounds can lead to several types of chronic illness that may shorten your life. When you lose weight, you reduce your risk of developing diseases such as diabetes. Excess weight can be detrimental for your joints and muscle tone, as well, which are relieved when you drop the extra weight. Living at the appropriate weight can be more comfortable as you get older, so that you can enjoy your older years with greater mobility.

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