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Want to lose 20 pounds before the holidays? The physical health benefits of losing weight are obvious and many. However the emotional baggage that you have been carrying around with all that weight may still stick around. All the feelings of that you have suffered because you were over-weight may not vanish with the weight. In fact your brain may take awhile to catch up with your new body. But as you learn your own worth through diet, exercise and perseverance, your attitude may take a turn for the better. In losing weight you’re not only losing pounds, but emotional baggage as well. Losing weight not only lowers the risk ¬†for heart disease and stroke, it will also give you a whole new perspective on yourself. The hCG diet is a proven method for losing weight, so if you want to lose 20 pounds before the holiday then the hCG diet may be what you have been waiting for, buy now!The following are some of the emotional benefits of losing weight;Gone are the days that you’re constantly putting yourself down to make up for being overweight. Gone are the days of feeling self-conscious when in a large group, terrified that you’ll be the fattest person there. Losing the weight can give you the confidence to love yourself, which will bleed out to your relationship with others as well. So stop putting yourself down and enjoy social interaction again.

Too often those that are overweight opt out of personal relationships because they have low self-worth. It’s hard for someone who is overweight to believe that anyone would want to be with her. So, you cut yourself off, isolating yourself from others, and don’t allow people to get to know anything past the obvious. Losing the weight can be just what you need to put yourself out there and open up to others, especially those who would like to pursue a romantic relationship.

Those who are overweight learn to deal with their problems by finding joy iin food. Food becomes a valuable crutch. Instead of showing emotions, you eat; you eat when you’re happy, you eat when you’re depressed, you eat when you’re bored. Food becomes your way of expressing emotion. As you lose the weight, you lose that emotional crutch and can begin to learn how to express yourself once again.

The need for balance in your life is an important one. An unbalanced life can lead to sadness and depression. When you’re overweight, too often you’re not balancing your life properly. And there’s a good chance that the person you’re most forgetting about is yourself. While you help others, give of your time and self, you forget that you are also of worth. once you take time to focus on yourself and your happiness and lose the weight, you can live a balanced life where all of the components work well together to make your life full and happy.

A study published in a 1984 “Journal of Sports Medicine” was the first to suggest that exercise could actually make you happy. In our modern times, this is a widely understood fact; exercise releases endorphins in the brain, altering your mood state to make you happy. As you lose the weight, you’ll be hitting a gym, and finding a new “high” that you used to get from food, but from exercise instead. Exercise can be a powerful way to feel happy!

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