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Check out these alternatives for protein in your HCG diet. By choosing a variety of foods each day your hCG diet doesn’t become boring and hard to follow. Be creative and plan ahead with this quick guide for meats. hCG protocol 100g, two times a day.

Skinless chicken breast- 128 calories @ 4 ounces

Tilapia fillet- 93 calories @ 4 ounces

Lean Roast beef – 80 calories 2 ounces

Pork tenderloin- 122 calories 3 ounces

Boneless turkey breast- 110 calories 4 ounces

Shrimp- 84 calories 3 ounces

Canned tuna- 191 calories @ 1 can

Pork chop- 164 calories @ 3 ounces

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