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Lisa Warren a 36-year-old, TV presenter managed to drop down to her pre-pregnancy weight thanks to going on the HCG diet. Warren credits the synthetic replication of a hormone produced by pregnant women with helping her to lose those last few stubborn pounds after her second baby’s arrival in April.
She said being in the public eye made it much harder to deal with her changing figure.
“I had already lost half a stone myself and then I went from 10 stone two pounds down to nine stone five pounds so I lost 11 pounds in three weeks,” she said.
“The whole ideas is you take these drops in the morning and the evening and you follow a very strict, 500 calories a day diet for 20 days.
“So the first two days of the 20 are like fat-filled days. I gorged on prawn crackers, cake, whatever I could get my hands on because you’re supposed to fill up.
“But then you’re on this really strict diet for 18 days. For the first three days, I was going to bed dreaming of breakfast rolls, but then it’s so do-able.”
She was given a strict diet plan to follow by the Hospital Group and had to cut out all alcohol and sugar for the first three weeks before entering the ‘stabilisation’ phase.
Warren also had to eat low-fat foods like chicken fillets, fruit and vegetables and limited amounts of dairy, along with sessions with a personal trainer.She says she “hates the gym”, so losing the excess baby weight was never going to be straightforward.
“You do get a baby tummy because you have excess skin that’s so hard to lose in the gym or by cutting out carbs. A diet like this targets your stored fat,” she added.
“It’s so nice just to be able to wear nice clothes and feel like me again.”


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