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Chances are your New Years’ resolutions include plans to lose weight. In fact weight loss and getting in shape are among the most popular New Years’ resolution. The gay community especially is known for being healthy and body aware. We are perhaps in better shape on average than most groups of people, but that doesn’t make losing weight any easier. Many people struggle with weight and when it comes to those difficult areas of the body, many people turn to science for help.

One such scientific break through is the discovery of Human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, which is a hormone produced during pregnancy that suppresses the mothers appetite and regulates her from over-eating. The hormone also enhances the body’s fat-burning ability and increases the body’s metabolism.
Used in conjunction with a healthy diet, HCG has been shown to be the best diet for quick weight loss. When ingested, HGC signals your body and tells you that you are full. This changes your metabolism. When combined with a low calorie diet, it forces your body to utilize the stored nutrients – turning your fat into fuel. Your body is essentially “fooled” into thinking that you are pregnant and the physiologic change is what works to convert the deposits of fat in your body to nutrients. When these fat stores are being utilized, the weight loss is quick and easy. It is not uncommon to lose one to two pounds a day on the HCG Diet.

While losing weight and being healthy are admirable goals all year round, New Years provides a great opportunity for the dieter to reaffirm their convictions. The hCG Diet in particular, is a great diet to start during the holiday season because of the first face, or “loading phase,” which requires the dieter to eat as many calories as possible to condition the body to optimize weight loss. It sounds anti-intuitive but by loading up on calories for the first few days you precondition the body to release fat. Your body recognizes that you are taking in a lot of calories so that when you transition to Phase 2, the low calorie phase, your body doesn’t try and hold on to the fat.

The loading phase is meant to involve extremely an high caloric intake. HCG Fat Loss recommends eating foods high in carbohydrates and saturated fats, such as bagels and cream cheese, macaroni and cheese, pizza, cheeseburgers, fried chicken and dinner rolls with butter. You may also eat high-fat desserts such as ice cream, cookies, cake and candy. Snacks can include donuts, potato chips and French fries.

The loading phase makes the hCG diet especially suited for the holiday season. By starting now you can strategically plan so that your first phase coincides with a big holiday meal. You wont have to refrain while your relative and friends chow doe. If you stick to the hCG diet throughout the year, the next time the holidays roll around – yours wont be the belly shaking like a bowl full of jelly!

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