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Celebs like Britney Spears and the Jersey Shore‘s J-Woww and Snooki have all Lost weight on the hCG Diet.

“HCG Drops are my key to keeping the weight off,” said J WOW “My girlfriend lost 40 pounds in six weeks on the plan. She tried everything and it worked for her. So I thought if it worked for her, it would work for me,” she said in an interview with AOL’s That’s Fit.

The HCG diet has been proven effective by celebrities and regular people alike for over 50 years. It’s no celebrity fad, even though it has only recently become popular in clinics and online. Thousands of people have experienced the success of using HCG for weight loss.

Women create HCG naturally in their placenta when they’re pregnant, and it’s used to treat infertility issues. But the dieters and celebrities alike claim that it prevents hunger and stops the body from going into “starvation mode.”

Eating 500 calories a day sounds insane but it is only because we are so used to eating a mass amount of calories throughout the day that our body is used to consuming that much. If we cut down to 500 calories you will be extremely hungry the first few days and I am sure the first two weeks will be equally as hard but your body will get used to it. Eventually, you will get full off of what you eat and not need the extra calories you were consuming before.

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